• Package Innovation
    KASHIYAMA the Smart Tailor’s proprietary “Pack Runner” technology creates an ideal environment to protect your garment from the usual wear and tear of the shipping process. By ensuring proper humidity and compression, after your garment is unpacked and hung for a few hours to settle the fibers, it is ready to wear in as pristine a state as can be after shipping internationally. “Pack Runner” results in far fewer wrinkles. This compression also allows for smaller packaging and results in a cost savings that is passed along to the client. It also reduces unnecessary packaging and waste that’s much better for the environment than traditional suit shipping methods.
  • Heritage
    KASHIYAMA the Smart Tailor is a part of a worldwide portfolio of brands. We began with our parent, Onward KASHIYAMA’s, tradition of innovation and the introduction of the Hoffman Press in 1948. This allowed for our first success in the mass production of luxury goods. Our traditions carried on into the 1970’s as we developed partnershisp with other luxury brands, such as Saint Laurent and Ralph Lauren in Asia. This history has culminated in the release of KASHIYAMA the Smart Tailor in 2017, creating a new experience for made-to-measure customers through our continued strategic use of technology and innovation.
      We have developed over 160 unique
      size patterns in our database,
      making it possible to create your perfect fit.
      Our master fitters serve over 200,000 clients
      every year, making them well versed
      in measuring for a variety of body types.
    We’ve created over 160 unique fit patterns in-house, compiled from decades of data from hundreds of thousands of pieces. This fit knowledge has been condensed into the data for our Smart Tailor program to allow for the most accurate fits for the most body types. Our continued commitment to quality and luxury is still felt today even as our technological innovation has helped reduce our prices. Our company has acquired our production facility and streamlined our garment creation. We now fit over 200,000 clients in Japan alone each year with our Smart Tailor system and look forward to adding many new clients throughout the United States.