Made-to-Measure Fit
While working to create a garment uniquely designed for you, our experienced staff will ensure the highest
standards of comfort and fit, giving superior attention to detail during the measurement process.
Visit one of our upcoming showrooms to meet with your personal stylist during your complimentary fitting. Our stylists have an unparalleled knowledge of our fitting and production processes, but will take your personal preferences into account. They’ll assess your personal posture to ensure our tailored clothing go beyond what alterations can do to off-the-rack garments. In addition to base measurements, you’ll be able to try on various pieces to see and feel some of the adjustments your bespoke tailor will make to your unique fit profile.
Individualized Selection
Fabrics are sourced from across Italy, the U.K. and China to ensure a variety of choices and price points for our clients. Collections are curated to meet client lifestyles, from prestigious mills such as Vitale Barberis Canonico and Loro Piana to ongoing partnerships with mills in China offering exclusive fabrics to meet our highest specifications. Choose from dozens of customizations, like personalized monogramming and an assortment of interior lining colors, to make garments that are truly your own. The variety of options is nearly endless and will help make your tailored suit one-of-a-kind.
All of our fitted suits are created in our wholly owned production centers ensuring the highest standards of quality and construction can be maintained on each and every garment we produce. We offer 2 different types of jacket construction across our collection. We produce one fully canvassed option and one half canvassed. Our fully canvassed option is made from horse hair and provides the best shape as the canvas will form to the shape of the user’s body over time. Our half-canvassed option is lighter weight and still offers the wearer a great shape and silhouette.
Both options are produced with 3 layers of canvas, including a chest canvas that extends into the lapel, which is sewn using a special technique to allow the shape of the lapel to rest naturally.
Basting (or temporary stitches) are utilized throughout the construction process to keep the outer fabric selection in place along the inner construction pieces. This is rare in the suit market, but the result will minimize fabric puckering or pulling away from the inner canvas over time.